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Dr Maimunah Solomon


I am a medical doctor from Cape town, Stellenbosch University Graduate. My interests are women and child health, mental health. I am also a mom of 3, I love learning new things and being outdoors.

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Dr JC Laubscher


I graduated from UCT in 2006, completed my internship in Bloemfontein and my Community Service in Clanwilliam. I have since worked for more than ten years in emergency medicine, done a fair amount of GP work and some expedition medicine aboard the SA Agulhas 2 as well as some international exposure aboard the cruise-liners. My main passion is for emergency medicine but I have always enjoyed general practice as the basis for fostering a holistic approach to my patients' healthcare needs

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Dr Michael Klos

MBBCH, Bpharm, MSc

I am a GP currently living in KZN. I have a Medical ,Pharmacy and Masters degree. I have a a keen interest in Emergency medicine having practiced in various medical settings for the past 10 years including ER units across SA, rehabilitation centres, GP practices and a few years in a government sector burns unit in South Africa.I have also worked in offshore emergency medicine on ships and various remote sites in other countries around the world.

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Dr Muhammed Ridhwan Khan

MBChB, MBA, Dip HIV Man (SA)

Dr Khan is a General medical practitioner with over 10 years of clinical experience. He has a special interest and further certification in the management of HIV. Dr Khan also has extensive experience working with respiratory diseases such as Tuberculosis and Corona virus. He will happily assist you with any problem.

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